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REA NSW provides advice to members on a daily basis on such things as rates of pay, long service leave and annual leave entitlements, car allowance, public holiday entitlements, notice to terminate, redundancy payment, commission only payments and debit/credit.  The Association has represented and achieved results for members who had claims against their former employers - these are some of the results over the last six months or so:

Case 1

A member was owed monies for salary and commissions.  After representations by the Association our member received $13,486.

Case 2

The Association wrote to a former employer of our member claiming outstanding commission totalling $7,749.00.  Agreement was reached that the monies owed would be paid over three months due to financial difficulties the employer was facing.  Our member agreed and all her entitlements were received.

Case 3

A member was concemed that she may not receive her entitlements after her retirement as the amount was quite substantial.  The Association wrote to the employer to ensure that they had allowed for her monies and she received $122,000.00 plus an additional $5,400.00 in commissions.

Case 4

A member had a claim for outstanding commission which his former employer refused to pay.  After the Association represented his case, he received $6,131.00 that was owed.

Case 5

The association wrote to a former employer of our member regarding failure to pay the appropriated car allowance.  The employer agreed to pay the shortfall result in our member receiving over $6,000.00.


Currently the Association is representing on behalf of members, the following matters which are yet to be finalised:

  • Claim for $15,908, Claim for $7,113.00, Claim for $6,725.00, Claim for $5,389.00

Over the past ten years, the Association has achieved results in excess of $750,000.00 in monies owed to members.

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