Real Estate Association of NSW
REA NSW Membership

The Real Estate Association NSW Federally registered is now known as the Property Services Association NSW Branch due to an amalgamation with the Queensland Real Estate Union (PSAQ) effective from the 1st March 2014. This application for membership will be with the APSA NSW Branch.

Membership of REA NSW (REA) is available to those employed in Property Management, Property Sales or Strata & Community Title Management in New South Wales.

Benefits of REA Membership

  • Representation of your employment interests by an organisation that is totally real estate industry-based
  • Confidential advice about the terms of any employment agreement
  • Priority assistance***:
    • in the case of a dispute with an employer
    • to recover unpaid commission and/or award entitlements
    • if you have been wrongfully dismissed.
  • Automatic inclusion in REA's Journey Cover plan
  • REA's annual membership fee ($175.00, including GST) is less than one-sixth that of many industrial organisations****
  • REA membership is fully tax-deductible.

**** An additional joining fee of $125.00 also applies for the first year only.

REA Membership Application

To become a REA member, you can sign-up / renew online here


download and complete a REA Membership Application (PDF) and forward it to:

     New Memberships
     Real Estate Association of NSW
     PO Box 8269

Are you a REANSW member yet?

If you're a Property Management employee or a Real Estate Sales Person, you should be!

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